Pillen Checkout systems

The retail DNA is in our blood.

Pillen Checkouts systems is proof of that. In 1999 Pillen Group introduced the first ‘checkouts’ on the market. Many developments have taken place since then.

Below is an overview of the different product categories for our checkout furniture.

In addition, a number of the most important developments in the field of checkout furniture that have been marketed by Pillen Group are mentioned.

1999 – round checkouts

In 1999 Pillen Group introduces the first checkouts with a Frauenhofer Bolling on the market. Ergonomically better and also a better customer flow along the checkout.

2002 – standing-sitting combination

Pillen Group is the first to introduce checkout furniture in a stand-sit combination in the checkout furniture market (a higher version). This version can be used both sitting and standing and offers many ergonomic advantages.

2014 – infrared heat panels

Pillen Group’s first checkout furniture will be fitted with sustainable infrared heating panels. This ensures energy-efficient and safe heating in the workplace. Hundreds of checkout zones have now been fitted with HeatFun heating panels.

2017 – future checkouts

Introduction of the Futura line at Pillen Checkouts. Furniture is built with an aluminum plastic material that ensures that the checkout area is future suitable for: RFID, and other forms of electronic security.

2020 – draft solutions

Draft and cold is a frequently heard problem at the entrances and exits of shops and buildings. Partly for this reason, Pillen Group introduces draft solutions. The modules are flexible and easy to install and can be custom designed depending on the situation.

2022 – refurbished checkouts

In the context of sustainability, Pillen Group makes it possible to convert checkout furniture. ‘Old’ checkouts refreshed with a new look.

“Made by Pillen”

“Made by Pillen” is the motto of our core competencies: high-quality checkout furniture and interior elements that leave nothing to be desired in terms of technology, material and ergonomics.

At our location in Lichtenvoorde in the Achterhoek, we design and produce your checkout furniture and interior solutions and we take care of the entire project from A to Z.

Our family name “Pillen” is on our customers’ products and visible everywhere, so the quality must be the best!

As a family business, we have been driven for years to provide quality and solutions for our customers. A supermarket environment, checkout zone are challenging environments in which one should not think in terms of limitations but in solutions.

You benefit from the expertise of our team, which is constantly on the move to come up with innovative and creative solutions. They have built up years of knowledge and experience in metal and woodworking.

We say with conviction: ‘Do you have a special wish for your checkout area? Then come to Pill Checkouts – nothing is impossible with us!

We look forward to seeing you,

Theo Pillen

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