Research & development

From idea to (end) product sounds nice, but Pillen just does it. It is in our DNA that we are a complete and innovative full service partner in the manufacturing industry. And that for a very wide range of clients within Europe and beyond.

Developing a part, sub-component or product requires coordination and management of various disciplines and a dedicated team. For us this is a daily routine.

In the field of development, we work with various successive areas of expertise. Depending on your question or need, it is possible to step in at any stage. Click on the buttons for more information.

In beeld diverse prototype van een product gemaakt bij Pillen Group.

From an idea to a finished product

Realizing a tangible end result by converting an idea into a product. That’s what we’re good at. We have all the people and resources at our disposal, so that we can switch quickly with short lines. A team of experienced, down-to-earth professionals in the field of design, (re- and co-) engineering, production, assembly and quality make all this possible.

Infinite material knowledge
Our knowledge of different types of materials in one company is exceptional in the manufacturing industry. We realize treatments on different types of metal (steel, stainless steel and aluminum), wood, plastic, stone and glass. If we can’t edit it, we know how to handle it.

Making the impossible possible

We do not know ‘impossible’, because there is always a solution to achieve a result. We take into account the planning and budgets that have been agreed with our complaints/clients.

Full speed and speed
Thanks to our experience and our craftsmanship, we can realize the development of an idea or design at full speed. Whether it concerns an industrial component/semi-finished product or a complete end product. Let’s make it! And all this on Dutch soil.

The best way to have a good idea is to have many ideas – Linus Paulin

Need support with your research or product development?

Do you have a question about the development of your product or design? Please feel free to contact us. You can call or email us.

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