Assembly & mounting

Within our production companies in machining, sheet metal processing and aluminum profile processing, we also have extensive assembly options.

This makes Pillen Group a supplier in the supply of assembled modules, complete machines and/or equipment since 1997.

Project planning and organizing

Thanks to our own end products (checkouts, infrared heaters) we are also able to fully assemble your end product as a finished product. Our way of developing, thinking along with the customer, experience in assembly and the project assembly organization with engineering, sourcing and production make the Pillen Group a single point of contact for your products or product components.

Large network of cooperation partners

Our network relationships with technical wholesalers, material suppliers and production partners make us powerful in making your quality product! The semi-finished products that we manufacture in our own factories can be pre-assembled so that it can meet your needs or completely assembled. For example, Pillen has clean and organized assembly rooms and testing options for your end product.

We think along with you. That is a firm promise, in which we commit ourselves to constantly improve and listen to you, this also ties in with our ISO9001 certifications. Our technicians and professionals are ready to work out your problem or idea and industrialize it if desired. Since 1997, complete and/or partial assembly, assembly of products have been possible at Pillen Group.

In beeld assemblage producten van Pillen Group.
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Combination with customer supply

It is unique that these assemblies and mounting options are combined with our own supply companies, where automation, robotization and high quality are central. Our assembly and module construction employees are versatile and flexible. The combination of skilled welding employees, electricians and fine assembly workers ensure that we can assemble almost all types of products and projects.

Large and small brands choose Pillen Group
Small and large brands choose to outsource production to a producing assembling partner who can guarantee the qualities, designs that are required, so that brands can focus on the marketing and sales of products and not also focus on sourcing quality control of the manufacturability of products. Pillen Group becomes the partner for the production and assembly of your modules, machines, devices.

Synergy & co-creation

We take care of the complete assembly, assembly and assembly of your product. Because Pillen Group can take the entire product and project management off your hands, you can also save a lot logistically. There are synergy benefits in time and with that you can be competitive with your product composition compared to low-wage countries.

Total supplier Pillen Group
Metalworking works on the basis of co-creation. That is working together towards the goal. The goal is your wish. By working together we believe we can achieve a better result. You have knowledge and wishes that we combine with our knowledge and machines. This combination enables us both to efficiently achieve your goal.

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Would you like to collaborate in the field of assembly & assembly?

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