View all machines that we have under our own management. We have divided the machines into the following categories: machining, sheet metal processing, profile processing, sawing, cleaning, measuring, laser engraving, scanning, wood and plastic processing and signing.


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
RotationMazak HQR 200MSY (bar feeded)344 mm (staf 65 mm)2
RotationDMG MoriEcoTurn 450Ø 400 mm (staf 80 mm)1
RotationDaewooPuma-200CØ 255 mm (staf 60 mm)1
RotationGildemeisterCTX 400 S2Ø 255 mm1
RotationOkumaLB15-IIØ 300 mm3
RotationOkumaLC10-5Ø 155 mm (staf 35 mm)1
RotationTakisawaTC4Ø 500 mm1
Mill Turn machining centersNakamura-TomeMX-100Ø305mm (staf Ø65 mm)1
Mill Turn machining centersBrotherSpeedio MX140-2200 x 440 x 305 mm1
Milling machining centersMatsuura MAM72-35V (40)550 x 440 x 580 mm3
Mill machining centersMatsuuraMX330 C10435 x 465 x 560 mm1
MillingHedeliusCB 703200 x 720 x 600mm1
MillingOkumaMX40-H702 x 800 x 702mm1
MillingOkumaMA50H702 x 800 x 702mm1
MillingOkumaMX50HB702 x 800 x 702mm1
MillingOkumaMX45VAE762 x 460 x 450mm2
MillingHaasVF-6/401626 x 813 x 762mm1
MillingMatec30 HV3000 x 800 x 1100 mm1
MillingMatsuura H-plus 405600 x 600 x 600 mm1

Sheet metal working

Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
BendingSafan Safan Darley E-Brake (Cobotized)3000 x 530 mm1
BendingSafanSMK-K 50-2250 TS13000 x 530 mm1
Laser cuttingBodor + ITowerP3 12 kW3000 x 1500 mm1
Punch nibblingAmada Vipros 2510K2500 x 1250 mm1

Aluminium profile machining

Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
MilingElumatecSBZ-1509600 x 1000 x 600 mm1
MilingTekna TK4264000 xx 300 x 250 mm2
MilingTekna TK4426500 x 700 x 250 mm1
MilingTeknaTK427 8000 x 750 x 250 mm1
DeburringCosma300 1S1
WaltzThomanRB3200 x 200 mm1


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
Saw benchesBewo2501
Saw benchesElumatecDG 244/02420 x 120 mm1
Saw benchesRapid150 x 330 mm3
Saw benchesBomar Easycut1
Saw benchesMoessner Rekord1
Saw benchesBehinger HBP260A1
Saw benchesBehringer HBP430A1


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
CleaningKKSKTRO-40-1111 Ultrasoon Cn.v.t.1


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
MeasuringMitutoyoEuro C776X 700 Y 700 Z 6001
MeasuringMitutoyo Crysta Apex C7106X 700 Y 1000 Z 6001
MeasuringMitutoyoCrysta Apex S 123010X 1200 Y 3000 Z 10001

Laser engraving

Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
Laser engravingBRM fiberlaserCK-FB30n.v.t.1


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeAantal

Wood and plastic processing

Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMax. print / plot width / sizeCount
SigningRolandVG-640 Full Colour Printer + Plotter (inktsoort: TR2 EcoSolvent)1625mm x 50m1
SigningRolandGX-640 Plotter1600mm1
SigningRolls Roller605/170p Flatbed Applicator5650 x 1630mm1


Operation typeMachine brandMachine typeMachining sizeCount
MillingMorbidelliAuthor M4003500 x 13001
MillingPratixS22 - 43 C4500 x 20001
SawsHolzmaProfi HPP 350/43/434100 x 4100 x 701
SawsAltendrofF45 CE2800 x 25001
EdgebanderOlimpicK5602500 x 2500 x 12/501
LaseringBRM laserBRM 150 3001300 x 25001
Plate pressJoosHP-1153000 x 13501

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