Product development

Pillen Group is a long-term partner when it comes to (product) development.

A multidisciplinary collaboration ensures that we achieve the highest achievable in the product development process. Innovation and circularity in this phase is self-evident.

We optimize the set product requirements before the (technical) development can really start. We certainly do not lose sight of the program of requirements during product development.

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Before we can proceed to the step of prototyping, the product development will have to be further elaborated after the design & visualization phase. Here an inventory is made of whether the component, semi-finished product or complete product can also be technically realized.

Circular thinking
From our own thinking and doing, but also from the client’s wishes / requirements, we take into account the circularity and availability of raw materials when it comes to product development in order to work towards a circular economy in our footprint.

Types of product development

Pillen distinguishes 3 types of product development so that we can be active in all kinds of projects together with our clients:

  1. Modification;
  2. Improvement;
  3. Innovation.

To realize technical product development in practice, we work with software programs such as: CAD/CAM and SolidWorks.

Twee medewerkers van Pillen Group staand voor een scherm in overleg over een productonderzoek.

Need help with your product development?

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