We are Pillen Group

Your production partner in the manufacturing industry.

As a production partner in the manufacturing industry, we think material-independently as much as possible. We have been specialized in metal processing since 1956.

Over the years we have grown in the production and processing of wood, plastics and complete assemblies. In addition, we also offer services in the field of research & development: think of design, engineering, prototyping and measurement techniques.

With our experience, knowledge and the techniques we master, we have been producing our own products and brands since 1997, including: Pillen Checkouts systems, HeatFun and PR-Runner.

What we do…

Research & development

We take care of and support your complete project and product management. Think of technical research, product design conceptually, engineering, developing and building prototypes, but also carrying out measurements.

Production & supply

With our subcontractors we process and supply high-quality products made of metal, wood and plastics. From single pieces to medium and large 24/7 series. From special thin sheet metal processing to complete aluminum profile processing up to and including machining.

Assembly & mounting

We can assemble your parts or semi-finished products into a desired end product. We can (pre)assemble this end product in our own assembly rooms. If desired, our specialists test and measure the products for independent advice.

Industries we work for…

Technology & industry


Architects & designers

Our machinery

About us…

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Pillen Group,
family business since 1956

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