Quality management

For us, quality and unburdening our customers come first. Craftsmanship and knowledge play an essential role in this. Through a careful selection and further training of our employees, we continue to develop for the benefit of quality, innovation and continuity that you as a customer need.

In addition to our qualified skilled employees, we are an ISO certified organization. In addition, as an organization we invest in automating and robotizing our processes.

Pillen also offers the option of outsourcing your products for measurements.

Handmatig Aanlijmen Houtmateriaal Platen Pillen Group

Zero error principle

Our quality policy is aimed at striving for a ‘zero-error principle’. This can be achieved thanks to our conditioned measuring room, modern 3D measuring machines and our quality employees.

The advantage of various sizes of CNC measuring machines is that we can measure single piece production but also larger series fully automatically and provide a measurement report. Our control extends from process control to (if desired) a complete final control.

Would you like to know more about our quality management?

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