Design assemblies

For the assembly of complete interior and design end products, you have come to a good reliable address at Pillen Group.

Due to our own production of Pillen Checkouts as a brand product in shop fitting, we have a great deal of experience and network knowledge of how to attract complete end products for both the interior furniture industry and for equipment and machine construction.

Production and complete manufacture

As a design brand product, quality is essential, including the guarantee that designs and products can be produced in the quantities and delivery times you request.

Within the Pillen Group we specialize in co-engineering, but above all production and assembly of your interior & design products. An all-in producer. You design, we produce and know-how about materials.

With cooperation we make dreams and products come true! The complete producer and sourcing from one source. In addition to our strength as a machine factory and supplier in metalworking, Pillen has been its own producer and supplier of checkout furniture and counters for retail environments since 1997.

You the marketing and sales focus, Pillen the sourcing production and assembly. As a supplier in the manufacturing industry, we realize the production, so that you as a sales organization can focus on your customer and brand and we organize the entire production for you. Complete producer.

Complete outsourcing

We work for various brand manufacturers and product designers who have now placed the entire organization of engineering sourcing and production with Pillen. We now offer and produce many more product and interior solutions for architects, product designers, interior builders & beautiful brands that we are proud of!

  • Design tables;
  • Design chairs and sofas;
  • Design (outdoor) kitchens;
  • Design fixtures lamps;
  • Design interior pieces (heaters, displays,; reading holders, etc.).

Do you have questions about design assemblies?

Do you have a question about complete assemblies? Please feel free to contact us. You can call or email us.

It is also possible to fill in the contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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