A picture is worth a thousand words. The different specializations of our companies are therefore to admire in their own video. Our daily activities and how we can serve you with our technical knowledge and skills is clearly shown per discipline.

Challenge us!

Are you interested in all our aspects of our company? Feel free to watch all our videos! Only interested in one specific specialty, then focus on this.

Pillen Group, the contact point in the manufacturing industry for the complete production, assembly of your product(s).
You can contact us with all your questions, we like to present ourselves as partner and product builder.


Let’s make it! Our supply companies are specialized in various fields. Are you looking for a supplier / partner for the supply of precision mechanical parts, (special) sheet metal work and/or profile machining? We would like to take you into our world.

From single pieces to medium and large series your partner.

We build it! Research & Development, combined with assembly is what Pillen Project is specialized in. from A to Z, taking care of the complete project and product management.

Pillen Projects, your partner when it comes to engineering or re-engineering, sourcing, production and assembly of the final product.
We put together a variety of final assemblies, such as for equipment construction, but also for various interior products.

R&D and assemblies

Own products

We stand with our production facilities for you as a designer, architectproduct designer, engineer to turn your idea into a product. But we also produce our own final products. Pillen Checkouts Systems, specialist in the design and production of checkout furniture, counters and display solutions. Pillen Products produces ergonomic and comfortable interior solutions for residential, living and professional work environments in the field of acoustics, infrared heating and LED lighting and combinations of these.

In addition to our many production capabilities, we also offer more and more service as a product. Creative brainstorming sessions, services for engineering, project and product management, ect, nothing is too crazy for us.


We are Pillen