The Pillen Group was originally a supplier in metalworking. Since 1997, with the arrival of various wood and plastic processing centers, Pillen Group has also been your partner in the production and supply of wood and plastic parts.

The wood processing is applied in the supply to the assembly departments where the wooden products are processed into assemblies of furniture, machines, etc. We apply the processing of wood material and the knowledge in the advice/manufacture of wooden parts in products. As an engineer or buyer, you can achieve a good result with the innovative spirit of our engineering and production managers.

The material-independent thinking in the solution to your problem instead of thinking in terms of expertise makes us an independent partner in the (further) development of your product.

What do we process in our woodworking?

Within the production facilities of our woodworking and plastic processing, we process various types of wood sheet materials including: chipboard, plywood, etc. These sheet materials are also internally provided with a surface finish such as: HPL and/or a full-color printing foil.

How do we process wood?

The sheet materials supplied are CNC divided and then CNC processed on our CNC milling machines.

We are happy to help you personally

Do you have a question about woodworking? Please feel free to contact us. You can call or email us.

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