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In June 1956, the Winterswijkse Metaalindustrie was founded by Theo and Catarina Pillen. The company moved several times within Winterswijk until Pillen Group moved to Lichtenvoorde in 1965, where the company continued under the name Machinefabriek Th.J.J. Pillen bv.

Due to growth in both production for supply and the production of our own end products, various operating companies have emerged that fall under the ‘Pillen Group’. The 3rd generation of the Pillen family is now also working in the various companies of the Pillen Group.

The first products in metalworking were earth clamps and earth strips for installers. When TV broke through in the Netherlands, antenna masts were also made and associated mounting materials were also produced by Pillen Group.

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Further growth as a supplier

Ook de vondst van de gasbel bij Slochteren en daarmee de groei van de vraag naar gaskachels heeft bij gedragen aan de groei van Pillen als toeleverancier. Nu 60 jaar later met een specialistisch netwerk is de filosofie nog steeds de filosofie van Pillen om het onmogelijke mogelijk te maken in de productie en levering van producten en is het ook nog steeds een familiebedrijf.

The discovery of the gas bubble at Slochteren and with it the growth in demand for gas heaters also contributed to Pillen Group’s growth as a supplier. Now 60 years later with a specialist network, Pillen Group’s philosophy is still to make the impossible possible in the production and delivery of products and it is still a family business.

Lighting industry

Pillen Group is also a specialist supplier of plate and profile components to the lighting industry. For example, Pillen Group has been a proud supplier to Philips Project Lighting for more than 60 years. From sports field lighting to design fixtures.

Own brand: Pillen Checkouts

Due to a takeover of a former customer (cash register furniture builder) in sheet metal processing, Pillen Group has started its own brand since 1997: Pillen Checkouts.

Milestones over the years

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