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As the Pillen Group, we are constantly engaged in corporate social responsibility. Not only within the Pillen Group, but also with our relations. With our knowledge and craftsmanship, we help our customers to improve their business operations in a sustainable way.

Our place in society is a role of which we are aware and actively contribute to it. In addition to our contribution to society (People), the environment (Planet) and the economy (Profit) are also important aspects for us.

Would you like to know what corporate social responsibility means to us and what choices we make in this respect? Read our CSR Sustainability Statement.

Het logo van MVO Nederland
Het logo van de MVO-monitor namens de Metaalunie. Pillen Group is namens deze MVO-monitor gecertificeerd.

CSR-monitor certificate

As an entrepreneur in the SME metal sector, we are increasingly being asked by customers whether we, as the Pillen Group, practice corporate social responsibility. We would like to refer them to our CSR Sustainability Statement. Nevertheless, we think it is important to give a completely appropriate answer.

In many cases, the customer also requires certain proof that the stated sustainability level is actually achieved. That is why, as a member of the Metaalunie, we participated in the ‘CSR-Monitor’ project to determine the extent to which we, as a company, operate responsibly. With success, as we received the certificate from the Metaalunie CSR-Monitor in May 2017.

Want to know more about our CSR policy?

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