Profile processing

We have CNC-controlled saw benches and CNC-controlled machining centers to process aluminum extrusion profiles. We master all conceivable techniques in the field of sawing and milling aluminum profiles.

The accuracy of properly mitring an aluminum profile or accurately preparing for a milling operation is reflected in the assembly of aluminum profiles into end products.

Profile processing with our own machinery

Profile processing m Below is a summary of the different types of profile processing that we carry out in our own machine park. Click on the links to read more about the profile edits:

In beeld een grote serie gevreesde extrusies profielen namens Pillen Group.

You the profiles, we do the processing

You design, sell products with aluminum profiles: let us do the production and quality of processing for you.

In addition to being cut to length with miter saws, the extrusion profiles are often sawn on 2 sides, with the saw cuts being burr-free. High demands are made on sawing, with the focus on scratch-free, burr-free profiles with a minimal waste percentage.

The products from Pillen’s aluminum profile processing can be found at major brands of light fixtures, ceiling systems, window frames and interior construction.

In addition to our metal processing, powder coating and printing/wrapping also belong to the possibilities in company at Pillen.

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