Devising and developing new product solutions is what we do. We do not analyze the problem. No, we listen to the ideas and wishes of our customers/clients and together we formulate the requirements of the solution.

Pillen Group likes to create something new, something unexpected, something you have not thought of. And that is exactly why you want and must be a partner of Pillen Group.

Especially in times of material scarcity, circular thinking and action, our style of development, research, production and assembly is a pleasant surprise.


Your wishes and needs

There are millions of challenges begging for a solution. Ultimately, there is a solution for every challenge. Our research starts with open questions, together with our clients we are curious about what we will find.

Research is intended to gain insights to be able to design and test. Empathy is a must here. We listen to the client and dare to think along. We also provide a healthy dose of partnership if necessary. It’s okay to be critical, that keeps each other sharp in a healthy partnership.

Challenges and Opportunities

What ideas are there? What challenges do we encounter? What wishes and demands are made?

Pillen takes stock of ideas from different angles. This allows us to frame the case and look at which challenges and opportunities present themselves to make the idea feasible. Sparring together and framing ideas in a research phase? We already do brainstorming and technically creative thinking.

Our way of conducting research is not so much focused on finding and proving facts, but is often dominated by the technical (creative) process. This is successful if the created solution has solved the real challenge.

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Primary and secondary research

Of course there is no avoiding a combination of primary research (research carried out by Pillen itself) and secondary research (research in which we make use of existing sources (e.g. CBS). But we determine the weighting factor together with our partner.

Research into what needs to be made and for what application?

Research into  the best (circular) material choices how something can be made?

Research into the market potential and associated circular business models?

Exploring the unknown?

Challenge us!

Would you like to know more about our research possibilities?

Do you have a question about outsourcing your research? Please feel free to contact us. You can call or email us.

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