Industrial assemblies

In addition to interior and (design) furniture, we are also strong in the assembly and assembly of complete machines, modules and devices. The products produced by Pillen in machine and equipment construction can now be found internationally in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Beautiful & strong brands choose the Pillen Group. What we as a manufacturing industry are proud of is that great brands opt for the passion, personality and performance orientation of our team!

Machine and industrial module and equipment construction

We now serve leading brands in the supply of OEM components and complete machine equipment construction from our factories.

Brands and products that everyone holds, sees, feels and experiences every day, or are used in industry or outside environments. Pills has had to deal with it, we can promise you that. Our customers and references describe Pillen Group as: sparring partner, developer, producer and partner, everything from a single source and thus unburdening: a nice compliment.

  • Wash and rinse streets
  • Antenna masts
  • Patch cabinets
  • Linear systems

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