CNC profile milling

Pillen Metalworking is the specialist in the field of sawing and milling of aluminum profiles. Pillen Metalworking can process aluminum profiles economically and efficiently using various CNC-controlled profile processing machines.

In addition to sawing and bending, Pillen Group has various milling machines that have the 3D processing option, including milling, drilling, thread tapping, thread milling and sawing.

We also have the option of rolling/bending the profiles and even having them powder coated in-house.

Profile milling operations

5-axis machining centers

Pillen also has 5-axis machining centers including a machining center for profile machining up to 9000 mm. This machine has a magazine that is equipped with several tools including a saw blade so that the profile on the milling machine can be sawn and milled in one set-up.

Ultimately, we can also facilitate the bending and rolling of the sawn aluminum profiles.

What is CNC profile milling?

We can CNC mill aluminum extrusion profiles in 3, 4 and 5 axes up to a length of 9000 mm. Due to the enormous diversity of profile types and various milling operations, a 5-axis profile machining center ensures an efficient and stable production method without multiple fixtures, whether or not parametrically programmed.

How does CNC profile milling work?

Before the profile is processed, if necessary, soft jaws are made that enclose the profile so that no damage is caused to the profile during milling. The program is written or loaded into the CNC program, after which it can be used parametrically to easily edit similar profiles with other dimensions. Using the right tooling, machining speed and minimum lubrication ensures that the milling operations look good and that the profile has little to no burr formation.

When to apply CNC profile milling?

Aluminum extrusion profile is a great material to use in a product. The material is light, strong, corrosion resistant and easy to mill. Aluminum can be optimally designed and extruded into the desired shape, which saves material (only material where necessary).

In beeld een grote serie gevreesde extrusies profielen namens Pillen Group.

Want to know more about CNC profile milling?

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