Saw extrusion profiles

Extrusion profiles are divided into predetermined efficient lengths by the extruder after extrusion. After delivery of this batch, the profiles that have one fixed size are divided by us into the final size of the product. This is done on one of our saw benches, which are always equipped with 2 saw blades to ensure accuracy in dimensions.

Profielbewerking extrusieprofiel
Extrusie profielbewerking

What is extrusion profile sawing?

Despite looking simple, a good sawing process is essential. The cutting speed, the type of saw blade, the sharpness of the saw, the cutting pressure and the feed rate play an important role in the dimensions and burr freedom of the product.

We check these factors in order to avoid problems in the further process during the machining work, any rolling and/or assembly. In addition, the operations of sawing, machining, rolling and assembly are close together so that we can properly guarantee the process from start to finish and efficiently produce high-quality products. Both visually and dimensionally.

How does sawing extrusion profiles work?

In addition to being cut to length with miter saws, the extrusion profiles are often cut on 2 sides, with the saw cuts being burr-free because we continuously use sharp saw blades. High demands are made on sawing, with the focus on scratch-free, burr-free profiles with a minimal waste percentage.

When to apply sawing extrusion profiles?

Sawing an extrusion profile is important to achieve accurate dimensions, both for the profile length and for any milling shapes. This is because the profile is held against the stop in order to determine the 0 point. Sawing between 2 saw blades is a must.

Would you like to know more about sawing extrusion profiles?

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