Architects & designers

We are producer and supplier (OEMér) of design products.

We produce parts from the origin – parts from metal. Since 1997 we have also been producing checkout furniture for our clients in the retail sector. All this under the brand name: Pillen Checkout Systems bv. We have certainly gained experience in design, concepting, engineering, production and assembly over the years.

In addition to processing various types of metal, we have expanded our production facilities with our own internal wood and plastic processing with modern machines.
With our own fitting and assembly department, we are able to realize products for our clients like no other.

Product Design Pillen Group

From idea to (design) product

Architects, interior architects, stylists, product designers and designers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about our way of working together.
Material knowledge of metal, wood, plastic, stone and glass is enormous and we know how to convert it into unprecedented (design) products as the end result.

As an OEM, we produce the following complete products:

  • Design furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc);
  • Outdoor kitchens and outdoor living sets;
  • Design LED fixtures;
  • Display columns & showcases.

The next page describes more about interior design products.

Why have it produced in the Netherlands?

Depending on the series sizes, a feasibility analysis is made together with the client. (Re)productions of brands and designs are often very suitable for production by Pillen. It is also possible to have single pieces or smaller series made by us. Production is also close to home, which shortens delivery times, but also contributes to circular thinking and acting.

Want to know more as an architect or designer?

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