Cinemas and theatres

We deliver various interior and product solutions to multiple cinemas and theatres.

Acoustic sound-dampening interior products like mobile partition walls, wall panels, and ceiling elements. But also side modules, mobile checkouts (systems), and displays are applied a lot in cinemas, theatres, and other cultural centers.

Our solutions are developed, produced, and assembled in Lichtenvoorde.

Insight into your wishes and needs

More and more cinemas and theatres have, besides the main activities of entertainment, had the need to organize their congress rooms in a flexible way, according to the size of the groups or had to improve the acoustics in various rooms. This can be done by implementing ceiling elements in organic (rounded) shapes. This can also be done by hanging up square-shaped, sound dampening baffles. There is something for everyone, fitting to the experience of an interior.

The demand to secure a fast and safe entry for visitors is also rising. This can be done by implementing additional, mobile counters which can operate as a place where entree tickets are checked. These counters are deployable in a flexible fashion and can be operated at different locations (for example at the entrance, hallways, wardrobes, lounge areas, etc.) of cinemas and theatres.

Entertainment experience

And what about the experience around the popcorn corner and catering within cinemas or to create an even better experience while going out to visit a theatre? We get to see that movie theatres transform rooms into a more complete experience center with point of sales activities and checkouts (like checkout system and displays)  more and more often. This happens also with the catering areas of a cinema and/or theatre.

By our innovative out-of-the-box way of thinking we, together with our clients, come up with complete experience concepts which we can realize from idea to final product, including assembly.

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