Quality, flawless, and high precision are of great importance for some products to find a connection in the manufacturing and assembly processes in the making industry. A flawless and 100 percent cleaned product can guarantee this requirement. For the medical industry, flow-meter industry, construction of modules and devices for gas and liquid measurements we carry out ultrasonic cleaning and quality measurements.

Let your products be cleaned

We also take care of cleaning and measuring your worked or purchased components. Within our climatized manufacturing environment, we possess a modern ultrasonic machine installation. The Pillen Group is ISO 90011-2015 certified and also AUKOM certified, may you doubt our quality.

Products and materials which we ultrasonic clean

Different precision products and materials are suitable for the ultrasonic cleaning bath. That is how precision components, but plastic components and specialistic sheetwork components as well are ultrasonic cleaned. Often, as post-production and extra aftercare, a UV lamp control is chosen.

How does the ultrasonic process work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process in which ultrasound or vibrations with a certain frequency in kHz are used to clean products. The vibrations make it so that the liquid in the machine is moved so that small vacuum bubbles are created which implode during the high-pressure phase. Because of this, small part of dirt are taken off the object which is located in the cleaning bath.

  • Sound waves: Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that is based on moving sound in a guided medium like water and cleaning liquid.
  • Temperature: By heating up the cleaning fluid, the cleaning solution is activated and the cleaning process will be faster and more efficient. Furthermore, the drying process is shortened by bringing in the temperature into the to-be-cleaned products.
  • Chemistry: The cleaning solution is an important step in the ultrasonic process. Without the right chemistry, the cleaning process is done efficiently. There is diverse cleaning solutions suited for certain metal objects of aluminum, stainless steel, or other types of steel.

Important factors