Below you will find all possible accessories that match the Pillen Group checkout furniture.

Barrier belts

Red and white chains are often used for good customer flow or customer guidance. Pillen offers a better looking alternative to this with various barrier tape solutions.

Pillen also offers various solutions for customer guidance with barrier tapes for guiding or blocking off passages. Also available separately and easy to install on all types of checkout furniture (also not Pillen of course) The color Red is the runner, but can also be ordered in other colors, ask about the possibilities at Pillen for barrier tapes in and around your store.

  • Universally applicable

Antenna door

The antenna doors with security for products with RFID.

In collaboration with Checkpoint Systems, Pillen offers electronic article security integrated in your cash register door! Invisible to the customer and saves space in your checkout area.

  • Invisible security for products with RFID

Payment platforms protection plate

Nobody actually knows the right word. In Germany it is also called the Übergreifschutz, in the Netherlands the payment plateau. It is the screen at the cockpit of the cashier and the shopper and offers, among other things, protection for reaching over to the cash drawer and cockpit at the cashier. It can also serve as a storage surface for (small) money, etc. Ask Pillen about the possibilities of acrylic processing for your cash register furniture and counter protection/payment platforms.

  • Design in your own house style possible

Turn bar

Communicate clearly to your customer? This can be done by using the turn bar.

What is the name of that bar / bar between the customers’ groceries on the cash register belt. As a cashier furniture specialist, we don’t know yet either. Let’s call it the turn bar for convenience. The Pillen variant is made of a beautiful anodised aluminum profile. You can print and insert your advertisement yourself. The turn bar or next customer  bar is also available in A5 format, so that you can also communicate clearly with the customer.

  • Available in A5 format

Camera security

Pillen also offers camera security for checkout furniture and counters. A “third eye” of the cashier employee.

Subtly and discreetly concealed in or on the gondola and therefore not or hardly visible to the shopping public. Securing your checkout counter can lead to a reduction in shoplifting.

  • Can lead to a reduction in theft

Cash system

Preparations can be made for cash management systems in Pillen’s cash register furniture and counter solutions. We have experience in various brands and versions of Gunnebo, WincorNixdorf, Glory, etc.

  • Returns the exact amount of money to the customer

Cash cassettes

Cash cassettes we have enough of that: Do you want a 460 or a 480 an ADS? Ask about the possibilities of good cash cassettes for your cash register furniture and counter environment. Thanks to good agreements with our suppliers, we can also deliver your cash cassette. Can be used universally, of course, and the receptions of cash cassettes and cable connections  can also be ordered from Pillen.

  • Universally applicable

Cable trays

Our cable ducts and risers are also directly available for interior construction. Dimensions of the cable ducts and risers can be cut to size in our departments. Different versions are available. Properly concealing cables can sometimes cause frustration. With Pillen cable ducts, the cables are neatly and easily concealed.

Pillen has different types of risers for your cable management at counters, desks, workbenches, checkout furniture. Suitable for all types of checkout areas and workplaces. Of course also available for interior builders and cut to size. Various beautiful round designs and diameters round or rectangular. With a basic post and a clamping profile suitable for easily adding or removing cables. Ask about the possibilities of the aluminum riser gutters for your shop or interior!

  • Round or rectangular

Checkout numbers

Checkout numbers for the clear identification of checkouts. For example, to indicate the availability of a checkout or a type of checkout.

  • Different sizes and colours

    Checkout belts

    What a great idea to use that black checkout belt as an advertising checkout belt. Did you know that Pillen is the original inventor of the checkout belt advertisement? Pillen offers the PR-Runner colored checkout belt to order in any type of checkout furniture. Communicate with your shopper easily and quietly right under their noses with the PR-Runner advertising checkout belt. Can be used as an advertising medium for campaigns, but also for your retail branding.

    • Design possible in your own house style, with or without advertising

    Checkout chair

    Various chairs are available for checkout furniture. Pillen supplies various checkout chairs from well-known brands such as: Score, Giroflex, HAG. This makes these sit-stand solutions suitable for all types of checkout furniture and service counters.

    • Universally applicable

    Monitor holder

    Pillen Group has various monitor holders and solutions for your cashier, but also for the customer display. Can also be delivered on non Pillen checkout furniture and counters.

    • Universally applicable

    Pin holder

    Pillen offers various pin holder solutions and also the corresponding posts for counters and checkout furniture. A good alternative to, for example, Spacepole. We have different adapter plates for all types of ATMs: Banksys, Toshiba, etc.

    These payment terminal solutions are therefore also suitable for non Pillen checkout furniture and can therefore be used universally. Please contact our account managers.

    • Different brands possible

    Bag holders

    Pillen can also supply bag hooks for your checkout furniture and counter in various designs and sizes. The solution for bags.

    • Different versions possible

    Textile frame

    Checkout furniture advertising comes in many shapes and sizes. The bases / gondolas of Pillen cash register furniture can be fitted with: Full-color stickers, but also with interchangeable frames with advertising cloths / photo prints. Make your checkout furniture more than just a checkout point, but communicate it to the shopper with your house style or advertising message. Digital variants are also possible as Full-Color screen built-in.

    • Design possible in your own house style


    The footrest is a runner for cash register furniture workplaces, counters, but our footrest is also widely used for other workplace environments. The 10-position height-adjustable footrest for every workplace. Hundreds of workplaces are equipped with Pillen footrests! Contact us for our resale options.

    • 10 different positions and can be used universally

    Work tray drawers

    Drawers for under worktops and desktops at counters, checkout furniture. These are also available at Pillen in A5 or A4 format. All lockable. Ask about the possibilities of these drawer solutions under worktops.

    • Lockable lock, A4 or A5 format

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