Reliable manufacturing partner

The trust of a brand to let a partner manufacture their products is crucial for success! As a supplier of complex sheetworkings and precision machining, from small to large, Pillen has been active in the making industry ever since 1956. Internally, Pillen also possesses project management capabilities and vast assembly floor spaces for the assembly of your (final) product. Pillen is specialized in manufacturing high-quality components and compositions that find their application in diverse sectors of which the gas & offshore industry, the medical industry, the petrochemical industry, OEM, agriculture, automotive, construction of interiors, and the lightning industry.

What, as a making industry, are proud of is that large beautiful brand choose for passion, personality, and the focus on results of our team! Meanwhile, we serve leading brands in the supply of OEM components from our factories. Brand and products which are used, held, felt, and experienced each day. Pillen has dealt with it, we can comprise you that. Our clients and references describe Pillen as a sparring partner, developer, manufacturer, and partner. A nice compliment.

Beautiful & powerful brand choose Pillen Group

Co-creator and partner in the making industry

By providing your wishes, Pillen as OEM in the making industry is able to offer you fitting and innovative solutions. Pillen is not just a supplier, but also your co-creator and partner regarding metal!