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About Pillen Sheet Metal

Self-managed one complete package

Pillen possesses a self-managed machine park with which a great diversity of materials can be worked from single pieces to large series, which makes us the one point of contact for your product. Challenge us and let us make your product / idea a success together! We are able to convert your engineering request concept into a technical workable document. As a professional in metalworking, we supply different target markets.

We can offer you a complete package of sheetworking and precision machining from small to large. As an organization, we respond to changing wishes and we are continuously developing to raise the requirements regarding reliability in our value-adding services. Eventually, we are a no-nonsense organization that would like to take on a challenge together with you.

Since 1956 a concept in the making industry

Since its founding in 1956, Pillen is specialized in metalworking. Tens of years of experience and expertise have made Pillen the leading supplier in precision machining, large machining, special sheetworking and we are also big in profileworking. With the help of our technical / specialistic employees and modern techniques, we are able to practice we are able to take all metalworking shapes, from relatively simple to highly complex composition in smaller to larger series in lean trajects.

Sustainable relationships

We are really proud of the sustainable client relationships we have built up in diverse markets like; the gas & offshore industry, medical industry, petrochemical industry, OEM, agriculture, automotive, construction of interiors, and the lighting industry. Besides being a supplier for metal, we are also able to completely unburden you and to give you advice.

Machining & sheetworking under one roof

From Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands, we possess more than 15000m2 of manufacturing space divided over various manufacturing locations. We are able to unburden you in the supply of machining and sheetworking. Assembly from our own assembly facilities with, among others, an ESD floor also belongs to the possibilities.

Own engineering & diverse certificates

We possess our own engineering department which supports software systems like CAD/CAM (Solidworks) and the development and preparation of your product request. Within our quality management, we possess various 3D measuring machines under which a Mitutoyo Crysta Aprex S for bigger workpieces. As a specialist in the supply of demanding industries like the gas & offshore industry, we possess diverse certificates where you also can get your benefits regarding reliability and quality.

From idea to final product

Building relationships with clients

A point of contact

Which unburdens!

Since 1956

A true family-owned business


Passion for precision

Looking for a reliable production partner?

Pillen possesses a modern 24/7 machine park for the complete supply regarding metalworking, profileworking, wood- and plasticworking. Additionally to the supplying companies, Pillen also possesses an assembly factory aimed at the construction of machines, construction of modules, and final assemblies. With this we are specialized in co-engineering, manufacturing and assembly of products with the corresponding testing of components.

Sizes of series

From medium to large series in machining as well as sheetworking en profileworking. Pillen also possesses the experience to take a complete project and manufacturing management. Coordination, planning, monitoring, and optimizing the process flows.


Our clients & brands

The professional knowledge quality of Pillen can be traced back to; the automotive industry, gas industry, flowmeter industry, construction of devices and modules, precision construction of machines, medical industry, construction of interiors, and designer products. Together with more than 125 employees, we make sure that the details of your workpieces and product are of an exceptional level.

A total supplier in the making industry

For over 60 years, family-owned business Pillen is a leading specialist in under more metalworking and supply in the making industry. The connection to our assembly factories for the construction of machines and modules makes Pillen a powerful partner for manufacturing your product.

Eventually, we are a no-nonsense organization that is more than willing to take on a challenge with you. Challenge us and ‘we make it POSSIBLE.’.

Engineering & Measuring technology

Engineering & Measuring technology

Metalworking & machining

Metalworking & machining

Sheet metal working

Sheet metal working

Aluminum profile machining

Aluminum profile machining

Plastics & woodworking

Plastics & woodworking

Manufacturing and assembly of machines and equipment

Manufacturing and assembly of machines and equipment

Manufacturer and assembler of designer products

Manufacturer and assembler of designer products

Checkouts & Retail

Checkouts & Retail

Modern 24/7 machine park

Do you want to want to guarantee the manufacturing and supply of precision products and sheetworkings? Or conversely, outsource the complete assembly of your product? From small inventors to large brands, Pillen is your partner.

  • Possession of modern 24/7 machine capacities
  • Additional assembly ESD floors for construction of modules and machines