Reliable and qualitative sheet metal work

There where for many sheet metalworking comes to a halt, it starts at Pillen. Pillen specializes in all facets of sheet metal working. We unburden you as an engineer purchaser and deliver quality! All machines we have in-house: CNC punching, CNC edges, CNC bending and welding, and so on. In addition, we carry out even more sheet metal operations. We also supply single and series products from our assembly department to our customers. You will find almost all metalworking techniques with us so that you can let us do everything. All that ensures that you are taken care of. Besides conventional sheet metalworking, Pillen is specialized in working special sheets / sheet metalworking as well. Exotic materials, edges, and vulnerable product groups are no problem for Pillen.

In which sheet metalworkings do we excel?

We cannot only take care of different workings of sheet materials but we can also combine the manufacturing process with the rising demand for composing final products in which the sheet materials are processed. During this, there is close cooperation with our assembly department.

We possess the following specialisms and the corresponding machine park, all under one roof.

  • CNC edges;
  • CNC punching;
  • CNC bending;
  • CNC welding;
  • CNC lasering.

Pillen possesses CNC-working centers where individual products, as well as composed components and sheet metal working constructions, are manufactured. This is done in individual, small series but also in bigger series. Because of this, we are able and willing to respond to questions regarding workings from you as a client. The logistical system within Pillen supplies reliability regardless of the size of the series. The working of thin metal sheets is where Pillen its power can be found. From thin aluminum sheets to stainless steel mirror plates, we can take care of it using our punching isle, CNC laser, and our craftsmanship of course! We, apart from small and large series of sheet metalworking, have experience in woodworking and plastic working sheets, engraving acrylics, or milling PMMA and aluminum sandwich panels.

Kanten-plaatbewerking Pillen Group

Edges / Folding

Lassen Pillen Group


Laseren Pillen Plaatbewerking

Lasering / Lasercutting



Persen en stansen Pillen Group

Pressing / Die-cutting


Pillen Sheet Metal is ahead of its competition when it comes to fulfilling the rising requirement standards for welding in certain industries among others. As a supplier, we are obligated to fulfill your stated requirements and regulations by you as a client. Our welding departments make high-quality welded joints which have to be made according to the strict requirements set by the gas industry among others. To connect sheets made out of different materials together, the welded joint can be used. Pillen its welding departments possess a diverse machine park with diverse tools but the department also works with diverse robot configurations. We apply various welding methods during our manufacturing process like MIG/MAG-welding, TIG-welding, autogenous-, and spot-welding. Certified welding methods can also be carried out when wished for. We also possess welding engineers for your specialistic welding wishes and requirements (We can develop specific “Welding Method Qualifications” (WMQ) for your products).

Kanten / zetten

Pillen is specialized in the edging and folding of metal sheets. By bending efficiently and thoughtfully, the welded joints can be reduced which causes a solid product. Pillen has diverse possibilities and applications to make the edging of sheets possible and for this, the necessary CNC guided edging machines are available.

Lasering / Lasercutting

Metal sheets can be cut by the use of lasers. Sheet materials can undergo laserworking and all kinds of imaginable shapes can be realized with great precision. Pillen carries out its lasercutting in a rapid and precise manner. It is possible to let smaller and bigger series be manufactured by our 24/7 manufacturing environment. Various material thicknesses like thin and thick metal sheets can be cut by us by CNC lasercutting machines.

Feel free to hand us the CAD/CAM drawings as manufacturing drawings and we will do the rest.

Bending / Rolling

Pillen has been an expert in metalworking and thus the bending of metal for a long time! Pillen possesses a vast machine park and bending machines to bend diverse types and hardnesses of metal.


In sheet metalworking, it is possible to work materials with a punching machine. A punch is a kind of stamp in a specific shape. This stamp is pressed into the material so that the desired shape is stamped into the material. By punching, a recess in the sheet materials is made. Simple and complex shapes in sheet materials can be realized. Pillen works with CNC-guided punching machines and makes use of an automated sheet warehouse.

Pressing / Die-cutting

Metal sheets are pressed / die-cut during the metalworking process by a transfer of strength which deforms / die-cuts the material. The material properties and quality are guaranteed during the working of sheets. The shape which comes out of the materials is the product / component. Die-cut shapes /components need to be worked further after these are worked out of the sheets. For this metalworking, Pillen has a diverse CNC-guided machine park available as well.


Pillen Sheet Metal has realized the coatings of materials for many years. The right surface treatment makes it so that materials can be used longer and stay presentable. With our experience and knowledge in metal, we can give you reliable advice regarding the most suitable treatment. We carry out surface treatments to embellish, protect and bind to the surface better. You can find multiple processes for the treatment of materials at Pillen. For example, if you are not yet certain about what treatment is best, we are more than willing to give you advice. Many companies have gone before you and keep returning for advice regarding surface treatments. Manufacturing and surface treatments from one source make it so that outsourcing is easier and more overseeable for you. By coupling our experience to your wishes, we eventually come to the best final results. 

Working together in special sheet metal working

In our modern machinery, specialists carry out your sheet metal operations. We work very accurately so that you get exactly what you need. We work with you towards the end result. We do this through co-creation. On the basis of equality, we ask you to combine your knowledge and wishes with our knowledge and machines. This ensures that we combine our qualities to work as efficiently as possible.

From thin sheets, aluminum sheets, mirror panels, nothing is too crazy! Challenge us!

Did you know that we also possess large assembly / composition facilities for your components?

Pillen Group Dieselstraat 20

Years of craftsmanship in a modern fashion

Our team members, from engineers to machine operators, we are ready to give advice regarding your challenges in the working of sheets. From start to finish, we are able to help you which makes it so that all the working of sheets are available to be carried out by just one partner.


CompanyPillen Sheet Metal bv
OperationsCNC punching, CNC laser cutting, CNC edges, welding, and powder coating
CapacitySingle pieces to medium series
MaterialNon- & ferrous metals, various thicknesses possible
ProductsSemi-finished products, but also assembled end products are possible
CertificatesLloyd’s ISO 9001-2015

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