Within the Pillen Group, Pillen Precision is your supplier with regard to machining and Pillen Sheet Metal is your complete supplier in metalworking. Various machining workings are done by us internally by using modern machine parks; CNC-Milling, CNC-Turning, CNC-Bending, but assemblies are done by us as well. The extensive competencies of our machine parks make it easier for you to stick to just one partner. Because of our own engineering, prototyping, and project management, we make it possible to work with us from idea to final product regarding the supply of machined products. Pillen possesses various 24/7 working centers and with that, we can help out with your growing demand for larger series as well. You can already get in touch with us when there is just an idea.

Chain cooperation; With more than 60 years of experience, Pillen has in the meantime grown to an established concept in the Netherlands, Germany, worldwide. With that, we possess a large, specific network of suppliers, knowledge partners around us. Pillen seeks the extreme and possesses the competencies you are looking for. We are more than willing to tell you what we could mean for you. Our products can be traced back over the whole world in the automotive industry, lightning industry, construction of interiors, flowmeter industry, construction of machines, agricultural industry, designer product, and consumer products. You come up with the idea and we offer the solution to manufacture the metal components.

What should you pay attention to during machining?

What are Pillen its machining capabilities?

CNC - Frezen Pillen Group


CNC - draaien verspaning


We possess various 24/7 working centers, where you have robotic product loads.

Our machine can do the following: milling up to 6-axis simultaneously, milling ranges from 1500mm x 2500mm x 1500mm, boring up to ø1000mm, possesses 2-10 pallet machines for 24-hour machining.

We possess a robotic turning/milling combination. The automatic rod supply can take up to ø65 mm. We edge up to ø670mm with CNC. It has a length up to ø1000mm en 6000mm.

We can also work special sheets for broaches, shaft keyways, and milling rolls.

Montage en aftesten in de verspaning Pillen Group

Assembly & testing in machining

CNC bewerken gietdelen Pillen Group

CNC working castings

We can work different kinds of castings like aluminum, brass, etc.

We have more than 4000 m2 of assembly facilities with ESD assembly floor locations. We also possess a Ventil testing unit and an Ama degreasing bath.

Certificates & Vast measuring capacities 

As a professional in precision machining, Pillen possesses various certificates in the manufacturing industry. Because of that, we are able to excel in the manufacturing together with you, being a supplier and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Did you know that Pillen possesses the Netherlands its biggest measuring capacities in precision machining?

Do you have specific questions regarding our machining capabilities? Feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We are more than willing to help you.

Milling horizontally and vertically are some of the machining capabilities we can perform for you. Milling horizontally is possible with workpiece lengths up to 3200 millimeters in size. Most of our milling machines are CNC operated which means they can manufacture without any operator which then leads to short cycle times. Our clamping equipment is constructed by ourselves in our equipment manufacturing facility. We are specialized in precision machining because of our years of experience in machining complex metals. You are also welcome for the assembly of the machined components.

Besides large series, horizontal multipallet machines and other manufacturing cells, take care of the possibility of a fast manufacturing process for smaller series. So-called High-Mix Low Volume output. For critical tolerances, multiple machines possess glass scales and Renishaw inline feedback which corrects the machining program during the manufacturing process. For larger critical series, an overarching static process control secures and guarantees a high level of quality. Al our metalworking finds place under a conditioned environment in a 24-hour continuous situation. Multiple machines are equipped with a fourth extra b-axis that can be put to use as indexing as well and simultaneously. This together with constructed and developed clamping that secures stability, the manufacturing cycle is as efficient as can be.

Do you have specific questions regarding our machining capabilities? Feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We are more than willing to help you.

Modern 24/7 5-axis working centers

Vertical milling machine up to 3 meters

For bigger tasks, Pillen Sheet Metal possesses a vertical milling machine up to 3 meters with a fourth simultaneous axis.  This machine is suitable for “long and surrounding” tasks. For heavier workings, like bigger housings (heavy machining), we possess a milling machine with a fourth simultaneous axis and a herth swivel head as a fifth axis. For working even bigger castings, welding parts, and other parts, we possess a 5 axis boring machine that possesses all functionalities of a full-fledged working center.

Mastering the many working techniques is complex. To make it easier for you, you can find all precision machining techniques, small as well as large, for all your ferrous- and non-ferrous metals. At Pillen Sheet Metal, all your metalworking can be carried out by our specialists.

For lighter and smaller tasks, Pillen possesses multiple CNC machines which can be quickly equipped for specific products! The manufacturing process was mainly put up for bigger and size-critical aluminum parts,  where pressure and temperature swings during the working process could be caught. This makes it self-explanatory that components which are less critical, made of other materials are relatively easy to manufacture. You can think of different variants of steel, complex (sand/shells) castings made of aluminum, casting iron, casting steel, stainless steel, brasses, and other exotic metals and plastics for example.

Light and smaller CNC milling workings

Automated supplying warehouse 24/7

The turning at Pillen Sheet Metal mainly happens on machines with automated supplying warehouses which can run without an operator  (up to ø60mm). Some turning machines are even equipped with a pick and place robot or with a gauntry unit with a pick and place matrix. These machines have a double spindle which can repack and also possess powered tools which can be used for eccentrical workings (for flange holes for example)

Most CNC turning finds place under a conditioned continuous 24/7 environment. The features of CNC turning within Pillen Precision are:

  • Robotized/gauntry
  • Turning/milling combination
  • Automated rod supply up to ø65mm
  • Up to ø670mm CNC
  • Conventional possibilities
  • Special machining working (Broaching, keyway stitching, and thread rolling)

Conditioned manufacturing environment for you CNC turning

Certifications & Quality management in metalworking

We possess various ISO certificates, have an overstamping qualification, and can weld while certified, which makes us guarantee our quality.

We also possess broad measuring capacities:

1200 mm in the X-axis, 3000 mm in the y-axis, and 1000 mm in the Z-axis.

As an experienced manufacturer in the metalworking industry, we know how to get to the best final product very well. That is why we find it important that we do it together. Co-creation makes it so that we bundle our knowledge and qualities together to carry out the metalworking as efficiently as possible. The metalworking techniques are able to be carried out 24/7 so that we can supply quickly as well.

Co-creation together with clients


WorkingCNC milling, CNC turning
Single pieces up to 24/7 large series
MaterialsMaterial independent
CertificatesLloyd’s 9001-2015
CNC millingDiverse 24/7 working centers
Reach1500mm x 2500mm x 1500mm
BoringUp to ø1000mm
CNC turningUp to ø1000mm & 6000mm in length
Turning diameterUp to ø670mm CNC
Rod feedUp to ø65 mm
Post-processingVentil control unit, Laser engravings

Pillen Sheet Metal

Pillen possesses a modern 24/7 machine park for the complete supply for metal-, profile-, wood-, and plasticworking. Additionally, for suppliers, Pillen also possesses an assembly factory for the construction of machines, modules, and final assemblies. With this, we are specialized in co-engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of products with the associated controlling of components.

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