We have been making design products for more than 65 years

design display

Design display by Karel Bodegom –  photo Frieda Mellema

Looking to produce?

Our knowledge of materials such as diverse sorts of steel, metals, wood, plastics, stone, and glass is unprecedented. This makes us your full service partner.

A team of specialists supports customers from prototype to complete realization. In our own assembly facility, components come together as an ultimate final product.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we take care of designer furniture.

Your idea or design?

We develop and produce your innovative products.

With four manufacturing locations in the eastern part of the Netherlands, we serve many (renowned) companies and designers in the creative sector.

With a high-quality machine park and extensive years of knowledge and passion we do not avoid complex challenges, “nothing is impossible” is our saying.

Dutch producer

Our Design displays by Karel Bodegom @ Fulda 2022

Interested in more possibilities?

Speciale plaatbewerking

There where for many sheet metalworking comes to a halt, it starts at Pillen. We are specialised in all facets of sheet metal working.

Curved extrusion profile

You design and sell products with aluminum profiles: let us take care of the manufacturing process.

Houtbewerking machinaal Pillen Group

We are equipped with various wood and plastics processing centers. We process a wide variety of materials in different companies

Because of our experience with our own final products we are capable of completely assembling your final product.

Meetkamer Kwaliteitsafdeling Pillen Group Meet Gereedschap Apparatuur

The engineering department within Pillen supports you, as a client, with the idea/developments of existing (re-engineering) or new products.

Theo Pillen

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