Engineering & Measuring technology regarding metal

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The engineering department within Pillen supports you, as a client, with the idea / developments of existing (re-engineering) or new products. Pillen stands by your side as partner and co-engineer whereby a complete unburdening from idea to the final product is made possible. The power of Pillen is in its experience in manufacturability of product ideas, material knowledge, and knowledge & experience of working with different types of materials.

Make use of the knowledge possibilities within Pillen. The Engineering & Measuring Technology department within Pillen supports you as a customer with the idea/developments of existing (re-engineering) or new products. Your advantage? Because of our own manufacturing companies, we have a lot of experience and expertise in the feasibility of your product.

Pillen is your partner as a co-engineer at your side where a complete unburdening from idea to final product is possible.

We visualize and communicate your engineering wishes through 3D images (renders) and technical drawings.

As a customer, you are continuously involved during this entire engineering process. A possible next step is to make a prototype of your product after the design and the engineering are ready.

In order to test your products, prototyping is of great importance. The testing phase is crucial to decide development can continue. Pillen Sheet Metal has helped companies with realizing prototypes for years. Prototyping is done by our specialists who can also give advice about the prototype. Working together towards the final product is a condition that we believe has a positive influence on the development of the prototype. You can find knowledge and specialists in metalworking for prototyping at Pillen.

Prototyping allows you to test products before actually using them. You reduce the risk of running into constraints later on as well. Besides, you can essay assumptions and it can also yield new ideas because a concrete product is made. We have been able to help many companies with realizing prototypes already. Prototyping is essential for a bigger chance for a more successful final product.

Once the prototype has been approved, we can proceed to the production and, if necessary, assemble your product.

3D visualisations & prototyping of your product

Subcontracting for (after) measuring your products

Pillen has a large Mitutoyo measuring machine (Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S) whose dimensions are quite exceptional.

  • 1200 mm in the X-axis
  • 3000 mm in the Y-s
  • 1000 mm in the Z-axis

This machine also has an indexable head, in which the probes can be accommodated, up to 500 mm long. The head of this Mitutoyo measuring machine can index at every 7.5 degree. In addition, the measuring system can ‘scan tow‘.

Feel free to contact us for the possibilities for engineering and the measuring technology possibilities within Pillen.

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In addition to our many production possibilities, we also offer more and more service as a product.

Creative brainstorming sessions, services for engineering, measuring techniques, project and product management, nothing is too crazy/much for us.

Pillen Group – Measuring Technology

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