We are the single point of contact for manufacturing and assembling your machines and equipment!

Within our manufacturing companies in machining and sheetworking, we also possess large assembly possibilities ever since 1997!

Because of our own final products (checkouts and infrared heating) we are capable of completely assembling your final product. Our way of developing, thinking along with our clients, and experience in assembly makes the Pillen Group the single point of contact for your products or product components.

Our network of relations with technical wholesalers, suppliers of materials, and manufacturing partners grant us significant strength in making your quality products. The semi-finished products that we manufacture in our own factories can be directly assembled after production to fit your wishes. Products can either be fully or partly assembled. We take care of both the manufacturing and assembly processes. This is how Pillen possesses clean and organized assembly spaces and controlling possibilities for your final product.

We think along with you. That is a hard promise in which we are accountable for constantly implementing improvements and listening to you. Our engineers and craftsmen are ready to help you with your problems and ideas and, if preferred, to industrialize these. Complete and/or semi-finished assembly of your products is one of the possibilities at Pillen since 1997.

It can be called unique that our assembly possibilities are combined with our own supplying subsidiaries where automation, robotization, and high quality are the main focus. Our assembly and construction of modules employees are vastly and flexibly deployable. The combination of professional welding employees, electricians, precision assembly employees take care of that we manufacture almost every type of product and assemble almost all types of projects.

Brands, big and small, choose to outsource their manufacturing and assembling processes to a partner who can guarantee the qualities and designs which are desired so that brands can focus on their marketing and sales of products and the focus is no longer on sourcing, quality management and the manufacturability of products. Pillen can be the partners for the manufacturing and assembly of your modules, machines, and devices.

We unburden you in the complete assembly of your product. Because Pillen takes the whole product and project management off your shoulders, there is a lot to be saved regarding the logistical aspect as well. Synergy benefits will arise in time with which you can be competitive regarding your composition of products in comparison to low-wage countries.

Complete supplier Pillen Sheet Metal operates based on co-creation which is cooperation towards a certain goal. By working together we believe to book a better result. You got the knowledge and desires which can be combined with our knowledge and machines. This combination enables us to get to your goal in an efficient way.

Powerful in assembling following after manufacturing since 1956

Outsourcing assembly

Pillen is specialized in the construction of modules and machines. Want to outsource the manufacturing and assembly process to a manufacturing and assembly company or do it yourself? Maybe this question has been on your mind for some time. You design, let another party manufacture products and components, and you configure the products yourself after. Have you ever thought about strategically outsourcing the construction of modules and machines regarding assembly and production of components or complete final product?

We as Pillen make and assemble complete devices and products, including electrical assemblies. Your doubts regarding quality, supplying reliability of components, products, and projects are in good hands at Pillen. Since 1956, we have grown into the complete assembly of components and final product for various clients in the making industry, currently done one more than 4000m2 from Lichtenvoorde. 

By bundling strengths & purchasing, for your components and products as well, the economy of scale benefits can be achieved. With our years of experience in project assemblies in retail and construction of machines, we are also able to strategically purchase components according to your wishes and specifications. Testing and controlling activities; tests and testing protocols also belong to the knowledge and expertise we possess depending on the product group.

There are a lot of benefits to outsourcing the assembly to Pillen:

  • Supporting engineering and manufacturability
  • All assemblies at one location
  • In-company availability to own CNC machines; sheet metalworking, machining, profileworking, but also wood- & plasticsworking
  • A vast network of suppliers, wholesalers, et cetera
  • Since 1956 a solid concept in the making industry

Eventually, our organization in production and assembly should be an addition to your design and specifications. You do not have to worry about the supplied product quality.

Benefits of outsourcing your assembly to Pillen


CompanyPillen Projects
What we excel atWe think along in the development, organization of purchasing, sourcing, complete manufacturing, and ultimately the assembly of machines, modules, and equipment.

Chain integration of engineering, manufacturing, and assembly

  • Engineering or Re-Engineering with CAD/CAM/ Solidworks programs
  • Compiling & assembling of final products
  • Logistical processes of packaging products for (inter)national distribution.

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