Connection of woodworking to metalworking

Originally the Pillen Group is a supplier in metalworking. Since 1997, with the arrival of various wood and plastic processing centers, Pillen is also your partner in the supply and processing of plastics and woodworking. As an engineer or purchaser, you can spar without obligation with the innovative spirit of our engineering and production managers.

Material-independent thinking in the solution to your problem instead of thinking in expertise makes us an independent partner in the (further) development of your product.

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Laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine

5 axis machine

5-axis machine

There are also various wood and plastics processing centers within the Pillen Group. In this way, we process a wide variety of materials in different companies. The production series depends on the complexity of the product group. The material independent thinking makes Pillen a flexible partner for your product demand/need. We can therefore also be a partner for the insertion of plastics & woodworking.

Also dare to think in wood and plastics!


Woodworking capacities 5-axis milling machine
Wood finishing Digital printing, full colour on foil
Plastic capacities Plastic laser and engraving
Plastic finishing Powdercoating
Assembly Assembling components
Wood types Plywood, chipboard, veneer, PMA, etc.
Plastics PMA, Acrylic, Vorex, etc.

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We have been producing and assembling components made of metal, wood, and plastics and providing product assemblies since 1956!

Nothing is impossible for us and we will solve your production problem!

Pillen Group

Pillen originally grew in the supply chain in the metalworking industry. A powerful combination of 24/7 machining together with 24/7 sheet metal processing now makes Pillen a single point of contact in the manufacturing industry.

We also have over 2000 m2 of assembly facilities for your products!

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