Having a business strategy as an organization is important. With that comes the mission and vision of the Pillen Group. But in order to be successful as an organization, you need to have a team. We, as Pillen Group, are proud of our craftsmanship and experience. Pillen Group has, together with its team, answered the following question: What do we actually stand for? What drives us as a business team?

Nothing is impossible! At Pillen, (IM)POSSIBLE is what it is all about!

The mission & vision of Pillen Group

Our mission

“We always strive to make the impossible possible and offer made-to-measure solutions to our clients.”

“We can certainly do it, we will make it beautiful, but first let us have a problem; the solution will be found either way.”

– Pillen Sr., 1956 

Our vision

We believe in our statement of (IM)POSSIBLE thinking in continuous improvement and quality management. We want to, with a passion for engineering and innovation, keep investing in humans and machines. With this, we strive to be a solid brand partner for prominent brands and entrepreneurs.

Our core values

What we stand for can be summarized in four core values that resemble the idea of (IM)POSSIBLE thinking.


We are an open organization with a no-nonsense mentality. We do this by humbly positioning ourselves, our sober approach, and a clear and sincere way of communicating. Our mission and vision on Corporate Social Responsibility connect to these core values as well. We, as an organization, are positioned right in the middle of society and put effort into our products being produced in a responsible way.


Being passionate about our work is the source of everything we do and you can sense it through our engagement and enterprising. As a family-owned business, it is embedded into our genes. We proceed where others give up. We work, together with our employees, partners, and clients, on developing the company. We then also believe in combining forces and knowledge based on honesty.


Performance stands for the capability to innovate and ambition. We focus, together with our clients, on the best results and the highest quality. This demands a lot of expertise and experience from our employees. This is why we also invest in the know-how of our company. The word “impossible” does not exist for us and we also put in 100 percent of our effort into staying true to this.


We take the time to get acquainted with people and organizations. By being open-minded and listening with our sincere interest, we are able to better understand what is needed to be successful. Straight forward, honest and determined. That is how we build sustainable relationships and how we make sure that people completely come into their own. This is how we develop the organization as well.