Tandem checkout

All our checkouts have been developed according to the latest European guidelines, including the AI-13 checkout workstations and AI-8 sitting and standing work.


These Pillen checkouts have been specially developed for supermarkets or drugstores that have space in the length but not in the width. Since this checkout (usually a PKT 03 and a PKT 04 combined) are situated behind each other, the required space remains limited in width

These checkouts are usually equipped with short to medium-length conveyor belts on which the purchased goods can be picked up. The front checkout usually has a small ware bin while the back checkout has a large ware bin.

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Model numberPKT 0304
MaterialsClassic aluminum, steel, wood, or a combination of these
ImplementationLeft or right
Leading length band800 to 1500 mm
Ware binTekst
HeightSit or sit/stand version
MarketSupermarket, drugstore.

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