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The Pillen Group is a worldwide player in the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturer and sparring partner in steel, sheetwork, profiles, wood, and plastics, the company often remains in the shadows. This comes to a change due to the company its presentation at the Dutch pavilion during the Salon del Mobile. 

The Pillen Group has been working as a partner of large brands and designers for years. That is why the company likes to show itself at the highest pillar in the designing world: the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Curator Nicole Uniquole selected three characterizing designs for Mastery The Dutch in Milano. For this, Pillen Group cooperated closely with designers and (interior)architects as a manufacturing partner. 

Makes dreams come true

Time and time again, Pillen Group succeeds in making the dreams of designers come true. With their knowledge, experience, renowned machine park, and unleveled passion for craftsmanship they work for international designer brands. Many designers and (interior) architects know how to find their way to them.

During Masterly The Dutch in Milano, Pillen Group puts three characterizing designs, of which they took care of manufacturing, into the spotlights. These are a remake of a vintage coffee table from 1958 by Janni van Pelt and an impressive outdoor kitchen from various designers. The displays by Karel Bodegom also be viewed. The displays have an extraordinary finish with metal paintwork fitting the baroque wall covering.

State of the art

The Pillen Group is a family-owned business that has been active since 1956. It has played an important worldwide role as a Dutch full-service manufacturing partner in the manufacturing industry. As sparring- and manufacturing partner, they make broad or small series and sometimes unique pieces. First Pillen was known as a specialist if diverse workings of special sheets and profiles. Later, the first manufacturing facilities for working wood and plastics came to be. With four different manufacturing locations in the eastern part of the Netherlands, they serve many companies and designers in the creative sector. They possess, for example, a broad scale of state of the art machinery. Everything is manufacturable is one of the principles.

A team of specialists supports clients from prototype to complete realization. Their knowledge of materials such as diverse sorts of metals, wood, plastics, stone, and glass is unleveled. In their own assembly department, everything comes together as the ultimate final product. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Pillen takes care of designer furniture (like tables, chairs, and cabinets), outdoor kitchens and outdoor living sets, designer LED armatures, display terminals, displays, and lots more.

The presentation of the Pillen Group can be visited from June 7 up to June 12 at Masterly The Dutch in Milano during the Salone del Mobile. The location is Palazzo Francesco Turati in the heart of the city.

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