Metrology Laboratory

Here at Pillen, we have a highly equipped metrology laboratory at our disposal. Our measurement equipment ranges from manual measurement instruments to measuring microscopes and a set of Mitutoyo Measuring machines for tactile measurement technologies.

Our laboratory is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO3834-2 and G0304. We offer high-quality measuring and testing services in a wide range for as well internal as external clients.

Our largest Mitutoyo measuring machine has  an extraordinary measuring range, which is characterized by the following specifications:

  • 1200mm in the X-axis
  • 3000mm in the Y-axis
  • 1000mm in the Z-axis

The measuring machine has an indexable head which can hold probes up to the total length of 500 mm and scanning probe.

Our metrology laboratory is run by well-trained staff. Pillen is highly specialized and offers proven experience.  Our up-to-date knowledge contains technical know-how as well as software proficiency.

These AUKOM certificates grant for reliable extensive expertise:

We are able to offer advanced or standardized metrological knowledge including processes for functional or product-specific measurement techniques.

Our test- and measurement-services also apply for products that have not been manufactured at our plant.