About the Pillen Group

The Pillen Group is an international industrial.Several subsidiaries form a part of this network organisation.With over 125 employees it is a real family business that has existed since 1956.The Pillen Group has a flat horizontal corporate culture. The continuous management focus in the field of process and product innovation allows each employee to be involved and motivated.

Since 1956, the Pillen Group has been a leading specialist in the various facets of metalworking. In the meantime, the organization has developed into a large supplier of semifinished products and various end products.

The various business units

Over 50 years of experience in CNC machining. With Pillen Group, business professionals find a reliable partner with a large network of metalworking. Over 50 years of experience in precision machining with CNC milling and CNC turning of complex products and various surface treatments.
Grown into 24/7 cnc sheet metal working
Through the decades Pillen has also grown into complete 24/7 sheet metal working with various additional distinctive competencies including: powder coating in company. An innovative team that is familiar with working in accordance with LEAN and of course ISO 9001, making Pillen your partner in sheet metal.

Continued to grow into its own products

In the last 15 years Pillen has also increased its abilities in the field of woodworking and assemblies. Meanwhile Pillen, next to being supplier in metalworking of semi-finished products, is also the supplier of various own end products under the brand name: Pillen, including: PillenCheckouts. In short, Pillen has become a specialist in CNC woodworking and store concepts.

Ultimately, we are building our own brands.

Pillen Checkouts, the product group: checkouts, counters, etc.
HeatFun ®, the specialist in infrared heating for, for example, workplaces.
Windsafe ®, the specialist in the field of draught-reducing solutions.
PR-Runner ®, the specialist in the field of retail, and interior design experience.|
Taglumo Lighting®, functional and design lighting solutions.

More as in: service, quality and value creation.

Do you want to know us better and experience how you yourself can fill in “more” as in service, quality, suppliers’ reliability, and certification? Our reference list of several leading international parties who for decades have been Pillen’s committed relations, display this interpretation of “more” and is available on request from one of our sales managers.