Exploring New Horizons

It was a unique and eventful year for Solar Team Twente. Let’s relive it together and take a look at the future with our newest solar car:

RED Horizon.

Edition 2021 has so far been an experience we won’t forget anytime soon. An impactful pandemic and the cancellation of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia have left their mark on the solar team from Enschede. Working remotely, and dealing with disappointments and uncertainties were all daily reality.

Nevertheless, our drive has never left us stranded. Solar Team Twente has always focused on what’s ahead, challenging the status quo. Armed with a completely new solar car designed with a radical new concept in mind, and with new goals in our future. Solar Team Twente tirelessly moves forwards.

With an online livestream on Friday 16 July on YouTube, we look back on an eventful year and will reveal RED Horizon: the new symbol for the future of sustainable mobility.

Let’s celebrate never giving up together. Let’s look ahead together.


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