We are proud to announce that Pillen Precision has also become a partner of Solar Team Twente.

For Solar Boat Twente, Pillen Precision has already produced several times various mechanical precision.

For Solar Team Twente we would also like to share our technical knowledge and skills with this enthusiastic group of 19 students. The goal is to win a race, “the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge”, to race 3000km through the Australian desert. This challenge fits perfectly with Pillen Precision.

Pillen Precision makes the impossible, possible. Challenge our team and get inspired by our technical possibilities and gems of parts that are realized in precision mechanical production.

Being a partner of this wonderful initiative is in line with our DNA and core values, we work for the automotive industry and certainly go along with the time to innovate and produce in order to support the future of electric cars and thereby also contrbute to a sustainable future.

The Pillen Precision team is looking forward to a great collaboration with this student team to make the Solar Car successful in 2021!

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