Testing and pressure-testing

In addition to our machine park, we possess a Ventil Test Unit. This Test Unit is specially designed to test and fine-tune products that will be put under high pressure. Ventil testing machines are designed to test butterfly valves, ball valves, and gate valves. Technically all types of valves would fit. In this respect, this machine is capable of testing objects in a simple, fast, and safe way in accordance with the CE policies which fit your specifications.

The Ventil testing machine is equipped with a computer-guided proportional hydraulic clamping system to prevent an overload on the valve body. To acquire a tension-free valve body, the testing machine can generate clamping force with the help of real testing pressure by self-activating testing plugs or Ventil its superior self-activating multi-sealing ring testing machine.

Equipped with a Computer Registration System (CRS) this testing machine is able to:

  • Displaying testing pressure and eventual leaks
  • Save and load in test values and technical data
  • Print a complete test report / certificate

The hydraulic-powered construction is suited for a  maximum tension of 150 tons.

Hydraulic clamping system