Own toolshop

To manufacture and deliver qualitative products in a timely and efficient way, Pillen has its own tool shop. This tool shop is meant for third parties as well as supporting Pillen Sheet Metal.  In this tool shop, tools are made to the size under which molds, stamps, divers, press dies, stretch molds, and welding jigs. This department takes care of important benefits regarding efficiency and continuity of the whole manufacturing process. The experienced toolmakers within Pillen make sure that the machines and tools fit together flawlessly.

Periodic maintenance of these tools is of great importance and is carried out by our toolmakers. Good tools make for half the work!

Competences within the tool shop:

  • Surface grinding 1500x500mm
  • Wire EDM 4-axes (6*)600*600*300
  • Various band saws
  • CNC conventional milling machine
  • Conventional turning machines

Maintenance, revisions, and reparations