Linear transport industry

Pillen has become an experienced player in the manufacture of components for the linear transport industry. Various clients see Pillen as a reliable partner in the production of components, (spare) parts and complete assemblies for various linear systems.

Transport and distribution lines for various products and components are becoming increasingly important in the various sectors due to the increase in distribution warehouses.

Linear systems and processes | Linear transport industry

Robotics, Smart Industries, the Internet with its web shops, are technological and market developments in which production processes, product handling processes and logistics processes must participate in order to meet demand in the linear transport industry.  Modern and reliable transport systems are important in this respect.  The parts and subassemblies for these machines and systems must meet high quality standards because failure and damage can have major consequences for other processes where these machines are used. Pillen has a track record of thousands of parts and sub-assemblies for conveyor systems, making us a reliable partner for you.

Automation Systems

Pillen produces and supplies various high-quality products and solutions to the automation industry. Pillen also has extensive experience in co-engineering with the customer for spare parts and modular construction to keep cost prices as optimal and competitive as possible.

Spare parts for automation systems and distribution lines can be found in:

  • Rotary indexers
  • Rotary indexers
  • Linear transport and moving systems

The success of the weakest link in the chain

Lineair Transport Distributie Industrie Magazijn Pillen Group

In which machines and transport systems do you find the components and assemblies?

Our product solutions and systems are used in various sectors. The linear transport systems such as distribution lines are each applied in their own way. If there is a possible sector that has not yet been described, please let us know and we will be happy to see what we can do for it.

  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics industry
  • Food & Non-Food Production
  • Warehousing
  • 24/7 production facilities
  • Baggage handling systems
  • etc.

Shop conveyor belts – Linear transportation industry

From its subcontracting business unit, Pillen has also been producing components for checkout conveyor systems for many years. This production of conveyor belts is for its sister company Pillen Checkout Systems, a more reputable partner in checkout furniture.

Parts or complete conveyor belt systems are also produced under private label for international interior designers.