Manufacturer and assembler designer products

Quality is of very high importance when it comes to designer brands its products, just like the guarantee that the designs can be manufactured according to the requested amounts and within the requested timeframes. Within the Pillen Group, we are specialized in co-engineering but are a manufacturer and assembler of designer products as well. Thus we are an all-in manufacturer.

You design, we manufacture with our knowledge about materials. With collaboration we make dreams and products come true!

Since 1997 we have been sharing our passion for materials & design. Besides our strength as a machine factory and supplier in metalworking, Pillen has been the manufacturer of checkout furniture, counters, and shopping environments since 1997. In the meantime, we offer and manufacture for architects, product designers, interior constructors, and beautiful brands, and much more product & interior solutions of which we are proud of!

We realize the manufacturing so that you, as a sales organization, can focus on your customers and brand while we take care of the complete manufacturing processes.

Complete manufacturing and sourcing by just one party


CompanyPillen Products
What we excel atSupporting brands in both the organization and manufacturing of products!

Complete manufacturer

We work for various brand manufacturers and product designers who want their designs and products to be completely manufactured by Pillen.

  • Designer tables
  • Designer chairs and couches
  • Designer (outside)kitchens
  • Designer fixture lamps
  • Designer interior pieces (heating, displays, literature holders, etc.)

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