Manufacturing and assembly partners of digital touchscreen ordering terminals, payment kiosks, and displays

For over 65 years, we have been working with various kinds of metal with passion.

We have grown into an innovative manufacturer located in the Netherlands, possessing our own engineering-, manufacturing-, and assembly departments. Nothing is impossible!

We go beyond metalworking. We are also the partner realizing your wood- and plastic workings!

Together with our clients, we realize communication solutions that contribute to the success of your company.

Our drive and mission are making the impossible possible in terms of manufacturing, and assembly of clients’ products, together with a great network of materials and manufacturing partners. We gain energy from the product ideas of our clients and eventually even more energy by offering our clients our manufacturing and assembling solutions.

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In the meantime, we design, develop, and work on our beautiful product- and presentation solutions, the housing of digital (touch) screen kiosks, ordering terminals, product displays, and advertisement screens together with our clients From singular pieces for luxurious exhibitions to serial manufacturing of stations.

The innovative manufacturer of your digital touchscreen ordering terminals, payment kiosks, and displays

Where can I apply ordering-, and information terminals, kiosks, and displays?

The ordering-, and information terminals, kiosks, and displays can be applied multi-functionally.

Think of application in food and non-food stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, musea, theme parks, congress halls, cinemas, etc.

Our products are not only applicable inside, but also outside!

Experience in interiors

Our experience in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of our own checkouts makes it so that we are able to think along with you as a product developer / designer / innovator of the interior products aimed towards stores, sports, and/or for example cinema environments because we understand where your display, ordering terminals or kiosk should conform to, to guarantee user-friendliness. Maybe we are eventually commercially able to connect your product and network to our European retail clients and architects.

We succeed with our passion for materials and our level of finishing products!

With our passion and knowledge of metal and many other materials, we convert ideas from our clients into beautiful products which are completely organized, manufactured, and eventually assembled as plug and play for the end-user.

We think and manufacture not only straightforward, but we also know to provide your product idea with beautifully bent roundings.

Distinguishing yourself from your colleagues in the market?

Sparring partner for your engineers and product developers

Our team of engineers is ready to think about solutions along with you. Because of this, we can offer you various trajectories in which the client can test the ideas regarding the manufacturability of a display but also can participate in a materialistic innovation session in which our team can help you make choices regarding from which materials components you want to make the terminals, displays, and kiosks. Topics like circular thinking, and cost-price thinking are variables about which you can get input from our team members.

It is important to dare to think out of the box together with you. You can think of innovative joining techniques like gluing and laser-welding as solutions to join components together for the displays. But also combinations of functionalities; Pillen has invented a solution to combine a hygiene display with an ordering terminal function together with a client. Why not? That’s combining two needs into one solution, right? Let’s make the impossible possible together! Let’s make it possible!

Daring to think out of the box