Construction of machines and equipment

Machine and equipment manufacturing as a sector is a broad “who we work for”, in fact, it includes a great diversity of clients and product groups. Below we describe a number of products for which Pillen manufactures and supplies parts from its precision machining, sheet metal, or profile machining operations to fine brands and products in the construction of machines and equipment.

Producer of parts for machine and equipment construction

  • Pillen has been co-engineering, advising and manufacturing for more than 10 years for various clients in the machine and equipment construction sector.
  • As a supplier/partner to the machine and equipment construction industry, we hold various certifications such as: ISO, AUKOM and PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).
  • We are able to provide your company with a complete range of fine mechanical components and parts, sheet metal work of high quality materials and, if required, complete assemblies for your machine and/or appliance.

Supplier of machinery and equipment

Machine Apparatenbouw Toelevering Onderdelen Kranen En Graafmachines

Where are our manufactured components used in the construction of machines and equipment

Analytical equiptment

We are a manufacturer and supplier of parts for analytical equipment: production and assembly of machined parts, sheet metal parts and electrical components.

Enclosures for devices, cameras, displays, beamers

We produce sheet metal parts / housings for devices, cameras, displays, beamers. Accuracy in tolerance and finish are important here. We can also test housings internally using air and/or water.

Protection boxes

We are a manufacturer and supplier of protective enclosures for machine construction. To this end, Pillen manufactures protection enclosures from sheet metal which are lasered, edged, powder coated and assembled as a complete component.

Hydraulic tools

We are also manufacturer and supplier of precision parts for hydraulic tools. Pillen Precision produces high-quality precision parts for hydraulic equipment. These devices are used in the installation sector. We manufacture and supply tens of thousands of parts a year from our precision machining operations.

Chain parts / links

Pillen is a producer of chain parts/chains for production lines: We produce chain links from solid aluminium to high-precision chain links. These are measured in single pieces fully automatically and provided with a unique numerical identification.