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It makes us really proud to see our clients smile to see beautiful products they have designed, invented, and drawn themselves. Have your product, machine or appliance completely manufactured by Pillen and focus on further development and sales activities of your product. We are your complete production partner!

Proud of our customers who have products produced by us

Everyone is in his or her power and everyone can do what he or she is good at so that we can all be successful. Thus, together we realize ideas and make promises.

Everyone in his or her strength

A personal approach to the client where trust and clarity are the main focus makes us able to, together with you as a client, think out of the box. We do not only want to be a supplier to you as a client, but we also want to excel in success together and eventually grow. We are a no-nonsense organization in which we like to think differently. Practically, this means that you get what we discuss with you, but you will also experience that we dare to be critical and think along with you about component- or process improvements from idea to the final product.

From idea to final product

Phase 1: Acquaintance and inventorying needs

You as a client see challenges; choice in material, processes, capacities, requirements, et cetera. Pillen strives towards a close connection with its clients. A listening ear during the brainstorming / challenging phase is essential. We work towards cooperation in which clarity and reliability are of great importance. Innovative and progressive thinking in solution if not dependant on materials characterize our ‘Acquaintance and inventorying needs”.

Phase 2: R&D and engineering

Pillen possesses its own in-company engineering department. We have experience in the re-engineering of products and designs but also in the complete development of final products, modules, and systems. Applications like CAD/CAM (Solidworks), Adobe are indispensable. Within the engineering process, different phases can also be distinguished: Sketching with some material needs, design engineering with possible rendering, and visualizations with gross measuring to then apply detailed engineering.

Phase 3: Prototyping and sample series

Prototyping and sample series enables you to test your product before actually using it. You reduce the risk of running into constraints later on. Besides, you essay your assumptions and it can also provide new ideas because a concrete product is made. Pillen Sheet Metal helps you realize prototyping.

Phase 4: Production

Pillen works for a great diversity of target markets. From the offshore & gas industry to the lighting industry. All markets demand high requirements regarding innovation power, reliability, continuity, and quality as well. Our manufacturing facilities for the metal industries possess diverse CNC-machining working centers if not 3,4, or 5-axis for precision machining from small to large. Pillen also offers the possibility to manufacture your sheets. With every phase, our people strive for the highest quality and they age actively engaged in the product- and process improvents.

Phase 5: Assembly

At Pillen, we also possess assembly facilities for your products. Among others, an ESD floor provides solutions to assemble products, components, and modules anti-statically. The internal possibilities of component assembly offer you as a client efficiency in the process and eventually costs will be decreased.

Phase 6: Supply and transport

Often, transport and supply of final products are seen as a closing entry. With selectively selected international transport partners, we are able to deliver your products in time. The central location to the German border offers us the possibility to deliver efficiently and time-savingly to German-speaking Europe.

Cooperating and saving costs

By outsourcing everything to one manufacturer, you have fewer worries about side activities which makes you able to do what you excel in. Many companies find it pleasant to know that their manufacturing process is in good hands. We stand for quality and reliability, with which we guarantee your unburdening in the production. We find continuous client contact important to grow together with our clients towards an increasingly higher level of carefree manufacturing. Our clients make it so that we stay service-oriented. That is not only quickly solving complaints, but pro-actively paying attention.

Big brands choose Pillen

Pillen organizes, manufactures, and assembles for beautiful (inter)national brands! Something we are truly proud of. From sustainably precision modules to complete designer products and construction of machine installations.

Your product(idea), our production and organization

Pillen Group is a versatile making organization with lots of experience in the product- and project management. We can organize the whole manufacturing process and sourcing of your product. Did you know that we also offer engineering to offer a better, price-efficient product because of qualitative cooperation? We like to talk about the possibilities with you to unburden your manufacturing process. In this, we like to be challenged and think along with you. This can be regarding sheetworking as well as machining.  Thinking out of the box is our passion and with this, we are able to keep improving ourselves in perspective to our clients. As ESEF Award 2016 winner in the making industry, innovation is in our DNA, and from that, we like to keep growing together with our clients.

We take care of the production

Do you have a product or idea and you want to let it manufacture? Sourcing different components from different suppliers is a tedious task. As a manufacturer, we notice that companies outsource the manufacturing process to multiple suppliers. That can lead to difficult situations because different suppliers do not cooperate so valuable time is lost. When you are able to outsource the manufacturing process to one manufacturer, it saves time and alignment. Eventually, a  price reduction arises which causes better cooperation.

Co-creation from start to finish

Pillen Sheet Metal works together with you based on equality. We believe in co-creation because, with this way of working, we are able to get the best results out of both parties. We combine your wishes and experience with our specialistic knowledge and machine to get the best results. Co-creation causes engagement and the remaining focus on the final product because we work together. From start to finish we think along with you and unburden you.

More information about co-creation

With co-creation, we take on the traject together to realize your wishes. We believe that together we can reach higher heights. Working effectively leads to a better final product.

Co-creation towards the best results

Pille Sheet Metal is a specialist who, according to co-creation, strives towards the best possible solutions. We understand very well that it is way more efficient when you are able to reach out to just one company with your wishes regarding metalworking. With our years of experience, we are able to advise you regarding workings which are needed. Besides, since 1956 we have been experienced in sheetworking and machining. With that, you are guaranteed quality and experience. With co-creation, you make use of our qualities.

Our strength = doing it ourselves and working together

Pillen has been in existence for more than 60 years. We have a passion for the production and processing of materials. In our own companies we have a variety of production and processing facilities in the areas of metal, wood, plastics, printing and assembly facilities

Large network of suppliers

Our large network of suppliers and partners, each with their own specialisation, with whom Pillen has good contacts, ultimately ensure that you, the client, are presented with the solution you are looking for. Above all, with short lines of communication and fast switching.

Onze assemblagefaciliteit - Pillen Groupen

Our project management team unburdens the client and guides the project. The complete process is aligned optimally which makes it so that the optimal efficiency is reached. Short lines between suppliers, planning, manufacturing, and logistics make for the products to be realized quickly within the agreed lead-time.

Our process steps

Een persoonlijke benadering van de klant waarin vertrouwen en duidelijkheid centraal staat stelt ons in staat om samen met u als klant out of the box te denken. Wij willen niet alleen een toeleverancier zijn voor u als klant, maar samen met u excelleren in succes en uiteindelijk groeien. Wij zijn een no-nonsense organisatie waarin wij graag anders denken. Praktisch betekent dit dat u krijgt wat wij met u bespreken, echter zult u ook ervaren dat wij kritisch durven te zijn en met u meedenken over onderdeel- of procesverbeteringen van Idee tot eindproduct.

Project management

Quality management

Our quality policy is aimed to strive to a ‘zero-mistake principle’. Because of our conditioned measuring room, modern 3D measuring machines, and our quality employees, this can be realized. The challenge for Pillen is in the high-quality requirements. When the product requirements are higher, then the challenge is even greater for Pillen to realize this demand / wish. In-company we possess diverse CNC 3D-guided Mitutoyo measuring machines of which an XXL measuring machine for bigger workpieces. We also posses various certificates and engraving capabilities for various materials.

Besides our own subcontracting (metalworking and wood-plastic machining), our companies Pillen Projects & Products are specialized in the complete production and manufacturing of your product. We meet your needs and can take care of the production for you according to your drawing and plan of requirements.

Design & Engineering

Pillen can also take care of the initial design, prototyping, and the first zero-series. Pillen is the complete production partner and manufacturer for you as a customer.

Where do we get it made?

3D printing

Co- Engineering

From concept to technical development

Production partner Pillen Group

Production & Sourcing

Production and sourcing of parts

Montage and lassen

Assembly & mounting

Assembly of complete products

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We have been producing and assembling components made of metal, wood, plastic and providing product assemblies since 1956!

Nothing is impossible for us and we will solve your production problem!

Production partner

We take care of the sourcing and production of your product.

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