Within Pillen there is also the possibility to make use of our measuring facilities. Thanks to our certifications (ISO9001, ISO3834-2, Re-branding G0304) and unique measuring facilities, you can also assign measurement / inspection work to us. In our conditioned measuring room we have access to various hand-held measuring instruments, measuring microscopes and 3 Tactile Mitutoyo measuring machines. The 3 measuring machines each have their own measuring range, probe system, switch rack (s) and software options.

Pillen also has a large Mitutoyo measuring machine of which the measuring range is quite exceptional, namely:

  • 1200mm in the X-axis
  • 3000mm in the Y-axis
  • 1000mm in the Z-axis

This largest measuring machine has an indexable head, in which probes can be included up to a length of 500 mm. This machine is also equipped with the option to be able to measure towing (scanning probe).

The knowledge gained is present and obtained by having followed various training and training, on technical and software level, but also AUKOM-certified.

With this AUKOM 1, 2 and 3 certification we have valuable knowledge in house.

With the knowledge gained in this course (AUKOM), concerning, among other things, advanced and standardized metrology knowledge, in functional and production-related measuring technology and measuring method, we can be of even better service.

This, therefore, regardless of whether we, as Pillen, have produced the products to be assessed or not.