Pillen has been a supplier for the processing of parts and components to the automotive industry since the 70s. Parts for the automotive industry are produced to high standards and specifications.  Pillen has an in-house quality management system whereby quality is monitored per single piece, randomly or serially if required. Naturally, Pillen is ISO9001 certified and we work with an ERP system in which parts and materials are traceable.

Our strength: medium to large series production 24/7 of precision parts for the automotive industry, because we work with specific tooling and process control.

Supplier of automotive parts

Pillen produces various precision parts for suspensions, drive trains, braking systems, engine parts and gear shifts. These parts can be found in sports cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes etc.

Supplier Automotive Parts Pillen Group Precision Parts

Collaboration in the chain upstream and downstream

Upstream Pillen Group collaborates in the value chain with product developers in the co-engineering process for parts for engines, cars, trucks etc. Here, we look at the manufacturability of components, but also at the reproducibility of parts when serviced.

Downstream, we work closely together with foundries and extruders in the processing of materials in order to guarantee the chain of quality and use of materials as well as traceability.

The automotive industry is in full swing and in transition. The construction of means of transport is changing and these means of transport are increasingly equipped with electric motors. This requires a different way of building and producing different parts.

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