What we can do

Discover, using our Pillen Group factwall, what we can do for you as an organization and with regards to manufacturing your product(s). Originally being a manufacturing company that grew to a project organization made us, the Pillen Group, able to manufacture and organize projects for every brand. What can we do and how do we do this? That is what we can do and how we do it!

Pillen Group factwall

This is how we do it: Let us surpise you by showing what is POSSIBLE!

Pillen making industry – supplying

Ever since 1956 Pullen has been powerful in the supply of metal components to the gas and lighting industry. In the meantime, the company has specialized itself in metalworking and it now serves various brands and clients with our products.

Pillen Precision – precision mechanics machining

Within the Pillen Group, Pillen Precision is specialized in the supply of fine mechanics components to the flow and gas meter industry among others. But also the international brands in the construction of medical equipment as well as international brands in the construction of logistics machines know the ways to Pillen.

Pillen Projects – construction of machines and equipment

Pillen Projects is your point of contact for the complete production and assembly of machines and equipment. Various knowledgable international brands in the hygiene industry, kitchen design, construction of interior, and the flowmeter industry let their products and projects be manufactured and completely assembled by the Pillen Group as a private label.

Pillen Sheet Metal – special sheet–& profileworking  

For special sheet- and profileworking, Pillen Sheet Metal is your point of contact. We are specialized in working components for the lighting industry and interior designer products. If you are interestered  in outsourcing the production and working of sheet and profiles, please get in touch with our sales department.

Pillen manufacturing and assembly

Within the Pillen Group, these two companies are specialized in (cooperatively) designing and manufacturing interiors and designer products. Some smaller privately owned brands’ as well as big international brands’ products are manufactured by Pillen in Lichtenvoorde. For this, these two companies are the point of contact.

Pillen Checkout Systems – checkouts & counters

Pillen Checkout Systems is one of our own brands within the Pillen Group and, since 1997, it is specialized in the development and manufacturing of checkouts, counters, and displays for multiple interior environments. We are powerful mainly within supermarkets, pharmacies, and various garden- and construction store environments. Cinemas and exhibition halls also know where and how to find their way to Pillen.

Pillen Products – interior & designer products

Within the Pillen Group, this business unit takes care of multiple of our own brands, but also the R&D and development organization for new and existing clients and beautiful products groups aimed at interior and designer products.