PR-Runner Acoustics solutions

PR-Runner is een merk dat staat voor beleving! Een goede akoestiek is een voorwaarde voor een prettige beleving van de omgeving. Onze producten geven vorm aan allerlei interieurs. Voor een ware eyecatcher bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres.
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PR-Runner is the brand of Pillen Products that bring atmosphere and ergonomics together. We specialize in acoustic solutions and customized interior experience. Products that PR-Runner can supply for you include photo walls and panels with a textile frame or seamless photo wallpaper with any desired print or unicolour.

Divider walls and desk dividers also belong to our portfolio. These can be both mobile and curved. The textile cloths are replaceable so that a different experience can always be created.

We also supply ceiling elements. These can be realized in any form. The combination of acoustics with light and heat makes our products unique!

Knowing more? View and discover the PR-Runner brand on our website!

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Photopanels, roomdividers, acoustic solutions and sealing elements.
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