Machining of metals

Within the Pillen Group Pillen Precison is your supplier in the machining industry. Various machining operations are done internally at modern machine parks. The extensive competencies in our machine parks make it easier for you to do everything with one partner. Through our own engineering, prototyping, project management you can turn to us from idea to end product in the machining supply. Pillen has various 24/7 machining centers and with it we can easily accommodate your rising vaguely to larger series.

CNC milling & CNC turning

  • Various 24/7 machining centers; Robotised product loading; Highspeed 30K n; Horizontal Vertical; up to 6-axis simultaneous; Milling range: 1500mm x 2500mm x 1500mm; Boring up to ø1000mm; 2-10 pallet machines for 24 hours machining; In line Renishaw feedback
  • Gerobotized / Gauntry; Turn / milling combination; Automatic rod feed up to ø65 mm; Up to ø670mm CNC; Up to ø1000mm and 6000mm length; Conventional possibilities; Special machining operations (Broots, Keyway Stitches and Wire Rollers)

CNC machining casting parts

  • Machining of  different kind of casting parts: aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc.

Certifications & Quality management in the machining

  • Various ISO certifications, Omstempingsprachtheid; Certified welding
  • Large measuring capacities: 1200 mm in the X-axis, 3000 mm in the Y-axis, 1000 mm in the Z-axis

Assembly & testing in the machining

  • More than 4000m2 of assembly fees; ESD mounting floor locations, Ventil control unit, Ama degreasing bath


Pillen bv
CNC milling, CNC turning, broaching and certified welding
Single pieces to medium series
Non- & ferrous metals, plastics
Flanges, Pointers, cylinders, etc.
Lloyd's and Veritas ISO 9001-2013, ISO 9001 2013, G0304-13/007