Heatfun is all about the philosphy to realise the perfect heated workplace with the least amount of energy. This is realised in a product with a minimalist design wich is featured with a custamizable print.
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Heatfun is the brand of the Pillen Group wich is involved with the development and producting of energie efficient heating products. Wich is perfect for optimising workplaces conditions, while still saving energy.

There are two types of heating products, namely:

Infra Panel
These are the heating panels Heatfun that can be mounted on walls or desks. There is also a variant wich stands on his own and can act as room dividers. 

Comfort Panel
This type of heating panels from Heatfun can be hung above workstations and can be selected with additional options such as
energy-saving LED lighting. The Comfort Panel is available in various sizes.

For more information, visit Heatfun.eu.