Since 1997 powerful in assembly directly on the manufacture

We think along with you. That is a firm promise, in which we commit ourselves to constantly make improvements and to listen to you. Our technicians are ready for you to work out your problem or idea and to industrialize it. Since 1997 complete and / or partial assembly, assembly of products are possible at Pillen.

The manufacturing industry complete as a single point of contact

Within our production companies in the machining and sheet metal processing we also have great assembly possibilities, this since 1997! With our own end products (checkouts, infrared heaters) we are able to fully assemble your end product as an end product. Our way of developing, thinking along with the customer, experience in settings make the Pillen Group one point of contact for your products or product components. Our network relations with technical wholesalers, material suppliers and production partners make us powerful in making your quality product! The semi-finished products that we manufacture in our own factories can be pre-assembled so that it can fit in with your needs or completely assembled. For example, Pillen has clean and organized assembly spaces and finishing possibilities for your end product.

Chain integration of engineering, production and assembly

  • Engineering or Re-Engineering with CAD / CAM / Solidworks programs
  • Assembly & assembly of finished products
  • Logistical process from packaging products to (inter) national distribution.